Medicine Hat Minute: Council Returns, Scandal Continues, and a New Chief Interpreter

Medicine Hat Minute: Council Returns, Scandal Continues, and a New Chief Interpreter


Medicine Hat Minute - Your weekly one-minute summary of Medicine Hat politics


This Week In Medicine Hat:

  • Council will return this week, with the new Mayor, Linnsie Clark, and new Council - including two incumbent Councillors and six fresh faces - set to be sworn in today at 6:30 pm.

  • The swearing-in ceremony will take part at the start of this week's City Council Organizational Meeting, followed by the appointment of City Council Members to various City Boards, Committees, and such.

  • Council will also pick rotating Deputy and Acting Mayors, set a Council Meeting Calendar, and then hear an Inaugural Address from the new Mayor.


Last Week In Medicine Hat:

  • Unlike most other cities around the Province, which swore in their new Councils immediately, Medicine Hat's new Council took the week off and will be sworn in this week instead (see above).

  • Despite criticism over a lack of transparency, staff at Invest Medicine Hat are defending their bid to take over the agency earlier this year. This comes following an independent review that found no explicit violation of City policies when it tried to tender out the agency to three Invest Medicine Hat staffers, though it did recommend several changes of policy that align with criticisms made. In other news, Jason Melhoff has resigned as the Managing Director of Invest Medicine Hat citing "growing health challenges".

  • It was announced that Alicia Lew will be the new Chief Interpreter for the Medicine Hat Interpretive Program. Lew replaces Corlaine Gardner, who held the position for 15 years. The program is a City partner that works to share information about the regional environment, including southeastern Alberta’s grasslands, waterways, and wildlife.



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