Councillor Survey Question 1

What work experience do you have that’s relevant to the role of a Councillor and how do you feel the skills and perspective you have gained will help you in your role as a Councillor?

Rockford Rutledge:

I have several years in oilfield supervisory and managerial roles including project management as well as started my own business. From these roles I have learned skills in negotiating, compromise, team work, Human resources, fiscal responsibility and the ability to plan for the long term with an end goal in mind.


Robert Dumanowski:

I have been on city council for 20 years. I have chaired every standing committee during my tenure. I am also a Principal with the Medicine Hat Catholic Board of Education. I hold a Master of Arts degree in Administration and Supervision.


Shila Sharps:

So in the past 30 years of my professional life as an HR consultant and an immigration consultant I have to work with different federal boards as well as people from all over the world to help facilitate either there or Immigration or the growth of a company. I’ve also sat on numerous boards throughout my years. It’s not that I have one specific set of skills that I bring to the table but rather I have a variety of experiences which provides me different perspective. And if you can imagine if each of us have different perspectives coming to the table what amazing solutions we can come up with.


Justin Wright:

I have 19 years of sales and management experience, 15 of which is management experience. I have managed business across this great province ranging from $15mil to $95 mil, and have been responsible for 400 associates. During covid, I went to work for myself and started a local food truck and catering business. I also have board governance experience through a few boards I have been apart of in the past. I believe this experience will allow me to identify and address inefficacies, address and predict trends, and build trust and rapport within the community.


Brad Gruszie:

When I had my satellite business I had 9 other people I worked with. We worked as a team to complete a common goal every day. If one was us had a problem all of the others were there to help and bounce ideas off. What I have learned is I don’t have the answer to every question however, when you have a good team around you that respect each other and you can trust you can learn without fear of mochery.


Immanuel Moritz:

Having lived in Medicine Hat for 65 years, gives me both history and experience. I graduated from McCoy High School and the University of Manitoba. My career has been in construction both in the family firm and as a construction company owner. Construction, like city council, is a collaborative process, you need to ask hard questions and make tough decisions, sometimes there needs to be compromise and sometimes you need to stand your ground. For the city, I sat on the Municipal Planning Commission (member, vice-chair) for ten years. I had the pleasure of serving two terms on the board of Medicine Hat Catholic (member, vice-chair, chair). These two roles give me insight into how governments operate and governance experience -- a similar model to how the city operates.

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