Councillor Survey Question 4

Do you think property taxes are too high, too low, or just about right?

Rockford Rutledge:

Right now they are just right, and can stay that way if we elect experienced fiscally responsible people. Many candidates are making amazing promises without telling anyone that you will see a 15% tax increase in the 4 years to make those promises come true. If we do a really good job, the possibility of lowing taxes while maintain high quality services could be possible.


Robert Dumanowski:

According to an independent survey, Medicine Hat ranks lowest (or second lowest) for property taxes in Canada. Our residential to business tax ratio is below most mid-size communities. I will continue to work hard to grow the tax base so that property taxes can stay low.


Shila Sharps:

I think residential property taxes are right I believe the commercial is awful currently I have properties in both commercial and residential and I am paying 2 1/2 times more for the same value of property. It’s hard to encourage people to move here from a business perspective when it’s one of the highest business tax rates in the province.


Justin Wright:

I believe the tax gap need to be closed as our businesses are paying a higher tax, which is driving away new growth from our community.


Brad Gruszie:

Medicine Hat has the 9th highest out of 15 cities in the province , Lethbridge being the highest and Calgary being the lowest (stats from 2020). Ours could be lower but if we lower taxes now some services would have to go.


Immanuel Moritz:

We currently use utility profits and reserves to fund budget shortfalls, a situation that obviously has limits, sooner or later we will run out of money. While growth has costs, it is an opportunity to increase the tax base so that the burden can be shared. We need to continue to seek efficiencies and lower our costs.

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