Medicine Hat Minute: Election Day, Referendum Day, and How To Vote

Medicine Hat Minute: Election Day, Referendum Day, and How To Vote


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This Week In Medicine Hat:

  • It’s finally municipal election day! Here in Medicine Hat, you can vote from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm at your polling station. Don’t know where to vote? Check out your September utility bill, or the City's interactive map here.

  • To help you decide on how to vote, check out the Councillor Survey page on our website, where a whole bunch of candidates have responded to our detailed policy questions. A very hearty thank you to all those candidates who took the time to fill out the survey!

  • Finally, when you go to vote you will also be given a provincial ballot with questions about Equalization, Daylight Savings Time, and the provincial Senate election. Our friends at Project Confederation have done a great job summarizing the Equalization debateYou’re not required to mark your municipal ballot for your provincial votes to count, and vice versa.


Last Week In Medicine Hat:

  • The City made an official request at Thursday's Utility and Infrastructure Committee to participate in the creation of carbon capture hubs throughout the province. Much of what that formal participation will look like, however, will have to wait until after the province releases its long-awaited hydrogen production strategy next month.

  • After an eight-year process, the 109-year-old McKenzie Sharland Grocer has been deemed a municipal historic resource. This comes after a flood caused the building to close in 2013. A major housing project planned for next door - the “Mckenzie Mews” - is supposedly going to incorporate it into its plans, and breathe life back into the historic building.

  • PBR Canada’s ‘Thunderbuck in the Bad Lands’ played host to a sold-out show last Saturday at Co-op place. Bull riding fans came in droves and packed the stands, bearing witness to the best-of-the-best bull riding action in the country. Saturday’s event was PBR Canada’s third of the year that reached full capacity.



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