Medicine Hat Minute: New Mayor, New Council, and Hatters Make History

Medicine Hat Minute: New Mayor, New Council, and Hatters Make History


Medicine Hat Minute - Your weekly one-minute summary of Medicine Hat politics


This Week In Medicine Hat:

  • Unlike most other municipal governments around Alberta, Council is not returning this week, meaning there are no Council or Committee meetings scheduled.

  • Council will return, and the new Mayor and Councillors will be sworn in, on November 1st instead, followed by the new Council's first meetings.

  • Finally, we will find out the official results of how Medicine Hat and the rest of Alberta voted in the two provincial referenda and Senate elections on Tuesday.


Last Week In Medicine Hat:

  • After the polls closed and the ballots were finally tallied, the residents of Medicine Hat made history electing their first-ever female Mayor, Linnsie Clark. Clark defeated incumbent Ted Clugston with 13,151 votes (66%) to Clugston’s 4,639 votes (23%).

  • There will be several other new faces on Council thanks to the Council election results. Reelected incumbents Robert Dumanowski and Darren Hirsh will be joined by six new faces: Ramona Karen Robins, Allison Knodel, Alison Van Dyke, Cassi Hider, Shila Sharps, and Andy McGrogan.

  • The Mayoral result wasn’t the only historic result. Of the six new Councillors elected, five are women, meaning Medicine Hat will be led by a female majority-Council for the first time in the City’s 115-year history.



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