Medicine Hat Minute: Remote Work, Mayoral Rationale, and a Community Satisfaction Survey

Medicine Hat Minute: Remote Work, Mayoral Rationale, and a Community Satisfaction Survey


Medicine Hat Minute - Your weekly one-minute summary of Medicine Hat politics


This Week In Medicine Hat:

  • This afternoon, at 3:45 pm, there will be a regular meeting of City Council. The meeting begins with a closed session to discuss the City Manager Performance Appraisal Process and Schedule, an Integrity Commissioner Presentation, a Water Utility update, and an undisclosed land matter and legal matter. When the meeting opens back up to the public, at 6:30 pm, Council will discuss a consolidated new Respectful Workplace Policy and amendments to the Unsightly Property Bylaw. There will also be a Public Hearing regarding development incentives. Hopefully, Council will get around to discussing Mayor Linnsie Clark’s request for financial accountability. (More on that below!).

  • On Thursday, the Corporate Services Committee will meet at 4:40 pm. No agenda is available for this meeting yet.

  • The Alberta Utilities Commission says it plans to issue a ruling on the proposed Saamis Solar Project by July 23rd. Final written arguments concerning the 1,600-acre power generation facility north of Crescent Heights are due by May 7th.


Last Week In Medicine Hat:

  • Mayor Linnsie Clark posted a document on social media detailing her reasons for seeking a series of City employee expense statements to be discussed at a City Council meeting. Asserting her legal right under the Municipal Government Act, she emphasized that her request for detailed financial data - including funds reallocation and staff turnover - was about transparency, not permission. The issue, initially raised earlier in the year, was twice delayed by Council.

  • Premier Danielle Smith - and MLA for Brooks-Medicine Hat - highlighted Medicine Hat's potential as a burgeoning hub for data centers and remote workers due to its local advantages in power and heating costs. Speaking at a Southeast Alberta Chamber of Commerce luncheon, she noted that the region could offer the lowest costs for electricity and heating in Alberta, which are crucial for operating energy-intensive servers and industries like AI. Smith also emphasized the significance of remote work, suggesting that the locality could attract Canadians looking to escape the high living costs of bigger cities, provided there is reliable connectivity by air travel.

  • Medicine Hat has initiated a second community satisfaction survey to gauge residents' views on City services compared to previous years, and you might receive a phone call between May 6th and 26th. The upcoming survey, conducted by Ipsos, will cover various topics such as quality of life, satisfaction with city services, communication effectiveness, and views on taxation and service levels. Previous survey results from 2022 indicated high satisfaction with parks and garbage collection but highlighted concerns regarding the economy, social issues, and utility costs. The City aims to use this new survey data to assess changes in public sentiment and areas needing improvement in municipal operations.




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